Naps Happen

Making the world funnier, one ridiculous nap at a time.

What's the funniest thing your child has ever done or said?

Could any mom really narrow it down to one? I think, as parents, we are all amused by our children on a daily basis. I guess it's no secret that falling asleep in incredibly strange places has definitely topped the list of ridiculously funny stuff my kids have done. My oldest face down on the ottoman has to be right up there as a top funny moment!

What always makes you laugh?

I'm always entertained when my kids first use some very grown-up expression (and, of course, it's rarely totally correct). For example, one of my boys once finished a cookie, smacked his lips, and said "Mama! That sure was a tasty situation!" Now my husband and I use that all the time...and we laugh. Every. Single. Time.

What's the funniest gift you've ever received?

A friend once gave me a pair (do you say that? a "set?) enhancers. These are those incredibly lifelike ones you just stick inside your bra. I have never had the guts (or the large bra) to actually wear them, but I can't seem to throw them away, either. I mean, wouldn't people see I'd doubled my chest size? What if they fell out? Too crazy.

What's a parenting rule you should break and why?


I hate to be predictable, but I really feel that parents should let go of the rigid nap routines. Seriously! I get so many envious comments from folks whose kids fight them on nap time, but the irony is that this new frontier in napping really started for my kids because I was too exhausted from taking care of my youngest to wrestle my oldest into his bed any longer. The rest is history. Sure - I don't get to plan my day around nap time. However, my kids have learned to be flexible and creative and they still get the sleep they need most of the time. As an added bonus, I get a daily laugh and a great photo album to show them when they're grown!
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How do you keep romance alive when you have children?


My marriage didn't start out with the typical romantic gestures, like a dramatic proposal. But I think my husband is one of the most amazingly romantic guys I know. For us, just being together is living the good life. We cook with the boys on weekends. He brings me coffee in the morning when I'm too tired to get out of bed at 6am. He does the worst household chores. He foregoes his online game night with his friends when I have had an especially trying day. I guess, for us, romance is in the everyday acts of consideration. My proposal may have been overly practical, but the life I am living is incredibly sweet.
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