NavigatingVita: What's A Single Mom to Do?

Veteran journalist and single mom in the trenches, Laura Roe Stevens, navigates parenting, relationships, top health stories of the day and the single mom cosmos in her award-winning blog.

Laura Roe is a winner of Top 25 Single Moms - 2013

What's the biggest misconception people have about single parenting?

That's a hard one. Some politicians certainly got into trouble with female voters last year after insinuating that single moms sponge off the government, are un-educated and contribute to child abuse and neglect. (See this letter from a single mom to politician Rick Santorum: These views are from ignorant men. We all know, especially on circle of moms, that intelligent, hard-working and caring women become single mothers due to a host of reasons. There is not a one-size-fits all description for single parents.

Another stereotype that hurts women AND men who venture back out into the dating world after divorce or death of a spouse, is that single parents are desperate and looking for a mommy or daddy figure for their children. But this stereotype gets chipped away little by little with each strong single parent who puts her children first and waits many months to introduce her children to anyone she dates.

What's the most rewarding thing about being a single parent?

During these four years as a single mom raising two young boys, I have to say that the single most rewarding thing is how I'm discovering my strength. Raising two children solo, navigating a lengthly international divorce and reinvigorating my career all require strength. I'm finding that, remarkably, I'm able to tap into more courage, more patience, more forgiveness, with a sense of humor in tack!

And besides all the self-growth...I get to see my adorable kids every day. Seriously, they crack me up and bring me to tears of gratitude. I'm amazed at how loving, funny and smart they are. Where would I be without them?!

Ok, that was more than one rewarding thing wasn't it? :-)

What's the most important thing being a single parent has taught you?

To trust my intuition and believe in myself.

I've always put my children first, that never changed. But I now have the self confidence to thwart voices of criticism and doubt.

What unhealthy eating habits or cravings have you developed since becoming a mom? Please include a picture if it's relevant.

Laura Roe Stevens

Hot chocolate, mochas w/ whip, dark chocolate with raspberries, chocolate with peanut butter... you get the idea. Before I was a mom, I was the one woman who actually would NOT try to steal kid's Halloween candy or share a date's dessert. NOW, well, I have to have chocolate every day. Mixed with coffee is ideal!
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