The Nomad Mom Diary

If you think that sweatpants should be the new black, that holidays are overrated and that all kids (especially your own) can be giant pains in the butt, welcome to the Nomad Mom Diary.

Lynn is a winner of Top 25 European Moms - 2013

In what ways is your home town unique from other places you've lived or traveled?

I grew up living in small towns in Mississippi, places where everyone not only knew one another, but could also recount in great detail the genealogical chart that interconnected them. I won't say that people weren't nice, because they were, but there was always a divide between me and them that nothing short of a blood relationship could bridge.
At the age of 18 I made the decision to get the heck out of there and I have never looked back. As an adult, I have, for the most part, chosen to live in places that are steeped in history and culture and overflowing with a mosaic of ethnicities. A veritable patchwork quilt of stories and connections where one more mismatched square only added to the colour of the land. I've chosen places that allow me to embrace and exalt my differences rather than hide amongst the wallflowers and hope to blend in. And I love it. And I'll never, ever go back.

What do your kids love most about living in the European Union?

At ages 2 and 4, my kids love anyplace that has candy and toys. Whether that is the US, EU or outer Mongolia is not really important to them.

What I love about raising my kids in the EU is the feeling that I've stepped back in time to a place where safety and freedom still exist. I love that kids can still ride their bicycles to the park and play without an adult needing to shadow their every move. I love that the daycare takes my girls out to nearby parks and playgrounds and doesn't lock them away behind bolted doors and tall fences. I love that I can raise my girls in an environment just like the one that I was raised in, one that no longer seems to exist in the USA.

What outdoor activity do you enjoy doing most with your kids?

Playgrounds, playgrounds and more playgrounds. My girls are playground addicts. They love the swings and sandboxes, slides and sun-splashed meadows where they can run free. We go to the park every chance we can get!

You know you're a mom when... (please fill in the blank!) and link to a picture if it's relevant.

Lynn Morrison

you find yourself crabwalking out of a bedroom at 5:30am and no alcohol was involved.
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What unhealthy eating habits or cravings have you developed since becoming a mom? Please include a picture if it's relevant.

Lynn Morrison

Um, DUH! It is wine of course. Well wine and anything made of chocolate in the house. After a long day of putting with kids' crap, nothing takes the edge off like fresh cookies and a 44oz glass of wine.
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