Kirsten is a winner of Top 25 Home Management Moms - 2013

What's your best tip for keeping your home organized during the busy holiday season?

Plan ahead. I think everyone starts out the holiday season with the best of intentions but somehow the season always sneaks up on us! But if you do your best to prepare ahead of time, you'll avoid a lot of stress during crunch time. I live by lists - grocery lists, to-do lists, gift lists, etc. Lists are a great tool to help you get all of those tasks out of your head and in order so you can plan accordingly.

For example, get your holiday meal plan in order in advance and begin purchasing items that can be frozen, or non-perishables that can be stored. Also be sure to stock up on the basics, like flour, sugar, coffee, etc. Don't forget to stock up on paper plates, plastic cups, paper towels, napkins, and toilet paper as well. (You don't want to be washing dishes during the entire holiday instead of hanging out with your family!)

What's your favorite store bought or homemade cleaning product?

I always keep Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on hand in every bathroom and the kitchen. From cleaning up hard-to-clean stains on fixtures to pesky spots on walls, banisters or molding, they are the perfect cleaning tool for grab and go jobs.

What's the most important home management skill a mom can teach her child?

I try to teach my daughter the same thing my mom taught me: "A place for everything, and everything in it's place."

It's so much easier to put items back where they belong as you finish using them, than to have to do a major clean-up later. Homework gets put in the backpack as soon as it's finished, and the backpack goes by the door in order to grab it on the way to school the next morning. Laundry gets put away as soon as it gets folded. Toys get put away when play time is over.

Getting children in the habit at an early age will instill good habits in them as they grow older (and save a lot of headaches for mom, too!).