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This blog shares what real life homeschooling is like- all our triumphs and struggles. We want to share ideas on how to make homeschooling work for you and your family, and help you save a little money along the way.

Heather is a winner of Top 25 Homeschooling Moms - 2013

Do you have any tips for helping kids concentrate on their studies?

Let them Play and Wiggle! We like to do "park school" which means we pack up the books and head down to the playground. They get to run around a little, and then I take turns working one on one with each child as they all play together. Having the motivation of being able to play helps them focus on the task at hand- plus having something for the little kids to do keeps them out of trouble and cuts back on distractions!

What's an educational game or activity you and your kids love?

We are huge fans of field trips. Since we live in Europe we spend a lot of time exploring the little villages and historical sites around us. History is so much cooler when you can see, touch and explore for yourself!
For science, we love to do nature walks and bring out magnifying glasses to check out the bugs on the plants, and the textures of the trees. Taking the time to really see the world around us is one of the huge perks of Homeschooling.

How do you encourage a love of reading in your kids?

We got rid of the TV in the living room. No more TV means you have to rely on your imagination to be entertained! The living room is now full of books, so the kids spend a lot of time looking at pictures and reading instead of watching TV.
I'm not totally crazy though, we still have a TV (no service, with a DVD player) in our bedroom, so Hubby and I can still enjoy movies, and the kids can have the occasional lazy afternoon treat.