Our Humble A{Bowe}d


A young couple with two small children tackling projects on their own to make their house a home.

How did your decorating style change when you became a mom?

What's your advice on creating a beautiful family space that works for both kids and adults?

How would you decorate a child's room on a budget?

How do you effectively (but stylishly) organize and store your kids' toys?

Amanda Bowe

Every few months, I quickly sort through the toys. If items are broken or missing pieces or haven't been played with in a while, I either throw or give them away. To corral the rest, buy stylish bins. Some are from the Target dollar section (costing only $2.50), others look like a locker. The bins that are visible are always metal and usually a poppy color for a dose of fun. We keep other toys in plastic bins tucked away in our entertainment center behind cabinet doors. Bookshelves are also a great place to store toys and a lot of IKEA shelves work well with doors, so pretty items can be displayed above while keeping the clutter close by, but out of sight. And, we're not afraid to store bulky items under the bed.
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