OurKidsMom: living & loving life with 4 kids


OurKidsMom is about a family with children ranging from pre-school to college. She shares her opinions on family-friendly items through reviews & giveaways.

Heather is a winner of Top 25 Product Review Moms - 2012

What are your favorite products that you've seen this year that would make great stocking stuffers?

I have many "favorite" items I'd suggest for gifts, but if we are talking items that would fit in a stocking... my favorites this year are: Hot Wheels Apptivity vehicles, Blingles, Thermal Aid, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Hexbugs, Capturing Couture camera straps, funK shades, Lynda.com membership, Arc Touch Mouse from Microsoft, Charm It! charm bracelets, and the Smoobee No Cry Hairbrush.

What's your favorite resource for discovering new products?

For the most part I don't have time to seek out new products. My email box tends to fill (quickly) with announcements, press releases and offers. When I do have a little bit of time I like to skim through current press releases on PR Newswire's site. Everything there is current and fresh.

Whats the best parenting product you've ever reviewed?

I was thrilled when Britax agreed to work with me. I was in a serious accident when I was 16. Since then, car safety has been a top priority for me and now my children. I have reviewed a few of the Britax car seats including the Frontier 85 and the Advocate 70 G3.