Out & About in Perth with kids


Caprice Burrows writes an amazing blog and her facebook page is fantastic. She is always providing ideas, answers to questions of all sorts. She is a mother of 4 however always has time for her fans as well as promoting WA businesses.

Caprice is a winner of Top 25 Australian Moms - 2013

What's the best part of raising a family in Australia?

The awesome weather, great beaches, beautiful countryside, fantastic people, how much fun stuff is on for families that is often free and the fact that I feel safe. We have great healthcare and education. We really are the lucky country.

In what ways is Australia unique from other places you've lived or traveled?

It is like a big country town, you can travel anywhere in the city/state and often run into people you know. In Western Australia you can drive all day and you are still in the same state, my sister is just down the bottom of the state in Esperance and it takes 8 hours to get there!
I love the amount of national parks, playgrounds and open spaces. I know when I'm landing in Perth as you can see trees all around the city, it's not a concrete jungle.

What do your kids love most about living in Australia?

My 6 year old says because there are lots of places to go.
My 4 year old says because she likes dancing, planting flowers, going to the park and going to the shops.
My 3 year old says hulahoops.
My 1 year old it's probably the taste of beach sand.