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What's your favorite affordable outdoor activity to do with your kids?

Hike! Lace up their sneaks and get ready to soak in Ma Nature! Tromp, clomp and stromp around on the trails and get dirty. Poke at things along the way. Pick up things when you can. Savor both the tiny, ooo-ey, gooey snails making their slimy way across the path and the grandiose mountain vistas of the Big Sky.

Rummage through your cabinets for your snacks.

Toss their emptied school backpacks on their backs.

Find a trail deep in the wilderness or just down your suburban block. Along a river bike-path or on the side of a dusty old lane… The treasure hunt for Nature’s goodies start as you walk out your front door.

Affordable. Stimulating. Peaceful. True family bonding time.

Enjoy every moment!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

What tips do you have for spending time outdoors when its cold?

1st – March your kids to the bathroom BEFORE you bundle up. Forced tinkling.
2nd – Dress the kiddos in layers, layers, layers.
3rd – Avoid cotton clothing (sorry cotton people) – if cotton gets wet, kids get cold.
4th – Tuck a snack in an outside pocket for quick energy-shot access.
5th – Hats hold in the heat. Wear a hat! (You, too, Mama! Because monkey see, monkey do.)
6th – Express your joy! If they see you having fun in the cold, blizzard, rain-storm, ice-sheet-on-the-ski-slopes or sledding hill or Nature walk, they’ll feed off your energy and forget the cold weather. (For example, I always take my kids out for walks when it’s raining… to teach them that it’s GOOD to get wet, feel the water, save the drowning worms, discuss evaporation, tromp through puddles.)
7th – Have Fun!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

What's a great vacation destination for families that want to spend time outside?

2 answers: Get your fam to the Water or the Mountains!

Water – There is no greater playground for kids than a stream, river, pond, lake, ocean. Just plonk them near one of these bodies of water and watch their imaginations take-off. From big family activities on boats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards to building tiny, little, home-made beaver dams in the trickling stream in the backyard, finding a vacation spot near water is a absolute win-win!

Mountains – Fresh, clean air. Limitless space. There’s a wide-open feeling of letting go and being part of something bigger. Add all the activities that a mountain town boasts: horseback riding, river rafting, fly fishing, hiking, etc. It’s a giant playground for the whole family.

Combine the two… Water + Mountains and you may just have hit = Nirvana!

Namaste & Three Cheers! -OM

You know you're a mom when... (please fill in the blank!) and link to a picture if it's relevant.

Annie Yearout

when you have to, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, continue to harass someone to brush their teeth = insanity making for us moms, but vital for our kids' pearly whites and, uh, future dental bills!
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How do you keep stuffed animals under control? Do you corall them in a net, arrange them on shelves, periodically get rid of the unloved ones? Please include a picture of your solution.

Annie Yearout

you can NOT keep them under control. they breed at night! ..... if you watch them closely, they wink at you during the day and say: try to organize me, lady! and you find them in your shoe, under your pillow and, recently, kicking the nice little American Doll girl out of her bed. that's why we own 200,000 of them. even when we donate them all to the great charity that takes them, somehow, we end up with 200,000 more just days later. They Are Everywhere. ;)
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