The Pagan Mom Blog

All about my life as a pagan mom married to my Christian hubby and raising our children to find the path meant for them!

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What Inspired Me to Start Blogging

I am bi-polar and as part of therapy, I write and I have been writing lots since I was a teen. It's very therapeutic and it only seemed natural to go from my journals to an online diary. Who knew people could relate with what I had to say? I surely didn't!

How Faith Inspires How I Raise My Children

We are an interfaith family so first and foremost they learn what tolerance is (the acceptance that other people can and will believe differently than then and that is their prerogative). Being of an earth-based religion I am inspired to raise my children to really love the Earth, it's their only home and they should care for it as it is a gift from the Divine. And most importantly (for me), having struggled with faith for so many years and finally coming to understand where my faith lies, I feel I am more prepared to educate and lead my children to their path, whatever path that may be.