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What is a cheap, easy, DIY Halloween costume for kids? Please briefly describe how to make it and feel free to include a link to a picture.

Leslie Ibanez

Last year I turned my little girl into a "butterfly" using a few super simple items: - A brightly colored tutu - Inexpensive fairy wings (The straps were too long for my little girl, so I attached a stretchy headband with a safety pin and used that instead - worked like a charm!) - Color coordinated tights or leggings and a solid t-shirt (it was a little cool, so we added the hoodie, but it worked just as well!) - Hair up in little pigtails as antennae Add a wand and you could call her a fairy princess! Another bonus about this costume is that the components will last for future uses. The plain clothes are obvious, but the tutu was big enough and stretchy enough that she's still wearing it to dress up!
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