Mother of one with a passion for creating beautiful and unique parties.

What's the most creative dessert idea you've come up with for a party? Please share a link if you have one.

What's a cool DIY project you would recommend for party decorations?

What are some of your favorite kid-friendly party snacks that are healthy too?

What's a great theme you've done for your child's birthday? Please share a link with a photo.

Carol Colón

I've loved each and every one of the themes I've chosen for my little one. And although I know the one I'm planning for next month will be awesome, I'd have to say my favorite has been his {Golf 3rd Birthday Part-Tee}. Just like his Daddy, he loves golf so this theme was perfect. We even rented a local Mini Golf! Since I am in the party planning business, I went all out with a fabulous candy table which was a great hit. I know he'll love his 4th, but I'm sure he'll remember his 3rd birthday forever!
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