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What's the most creative dessert idea you've come up with for a party? Please share a link if you have one.

Hmmm, tough question! I've come up with quite a few creative dessert ideas, but the treat that comes to my mind right away are the witch push-up pops that I created for a Halloween party last year. They were simply jello in push-up pop containers, but I added faces to the containers with googly eyes and markers, then topped them with paper witches hats and cute little tulle skirts. They were positively adorable!

What's a cool DIY project you would recommend for party decorations?

I'm really into custom centerpieces right now. I have a rustic wooden box (you can use a small crate or anything similar), and I fill it with goodies to match the party theme, and use it as a centerpiece for the party table. For instance, for our Alice in Wonderland party, I lined the box with foam and covered it with moss. Then I inserted little cupcake pedestals into the foam. I made brightly colored flower cupcakes and displayed them on the pedestals, then made paper butterflies to dance around the cupcakes. For Halloween, I used the same box, but changed the cupcakes to orange pumpkins, and swapped the butterflies for paper bats. I also added spiders to the outside of the box. Super fun! I have a neat idea up my sleeve for the upcoming 4th of July party, so you'll have to stay tuned to the website for that one! :)

What are some of your favorite kid-friendly party snacks that are healthy too?

Snack cups filled with veggie sticks are one of my go-to treats for kiddos. Add a little bit of ranch to the bottom of the cups and you're all set! I also love to make little fruit and cheese kebobs...they're a bit hit! :)

Please share a link to a photo of a great birthday cake you made or bought.

Jennifer Tetreault

I made this cake for my niece's 5th birthday party. I love the simplicity of the ruffles and's one of my favorite cakes that I've made. :) Website link: Photo link:
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