A "slasher" - as in a mummy-slash-writer-newspaper subeditor-SAH-word-a-holic whose best dance moves happen while she's behind the steering wheel, whose feminist ranting is "seasonal" and who is still deciding whether she wants to "have it all".

What topics do you cover on your blog?

What are three unqiue features of your blog?

What do you like most about raising a child in Australia?

What are some creative ways that a bride can involve children in her wedding day?

peta johansen

We had a face painter just for the kids at our wedding and even the adults got involved, having tattoos done. But there's a pertinent point to be made here... if the children are from a previous marriage, DO have them involved. There are some great ceremonies that include jewellry to daughters, watches to sons. But do NOT make their role one of handing out programs, ushering, etc. I had this happen to me when I was young. It felt demeaning. It's important that the ceremony include them in a meaningful way.
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