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At what age do you let your child decide what to wear?

Celina Bailey

AHHHH! Yes! I don't even know where to start... Before I had kids, the answer was NEVER! Not until they are teenagers, with strict rules and guidelines to follow... Then I had Mister M, a boy... easy going, no complaints. But he is only 3 1/2! And then I had Miss E, a girl and she's been complaining since the day she was born. And that's when my "NEVER" has been slowly shifting to "sometimes", and she isn't even 2!!! So ask me the question again, now that I've had almost 4 years experience, and I'll answer: well it's complicated! First, I do believe that we express ourselves with the way we dress, and I would love my kids to have some freedom into choosing what they wear. But at such a young age, it is only normal for them to choose things that they can relate to, like characters from movies they watch, or toys they have. So to make my life easier, I limit these type of items to pajamas, underwear, towels, and some bedding. If you've been reading my blog, then you probably realized that I'm not so much into character design and that I like things to be "less logos", more neutral. But, since my kids closet comprises mainly of hand me downs, I, myself don't always get to choose exactly what my kids wear.... So let me tell you that when I buy things for them, and I don't buy much, I want them to wear it!!!! With Mister M, I always find a way to persuade him into wearing something I like. I'll tell him, that all fireman wear such things, or cowboys or whatever he's into at that moment. With Miss E, it's a little harder... She will complain if something bothers her, for example if the waistband is a little tight, or somethings up with her shoes, but if I insist a little or get her to pay attention to something else, she'll give in! For how long will I be able to trick them for? I'm not sure... but I will try to keep them out of the stores for as long as I can and I will fill their closet with items of my choice and then they can choose what they want to wear! They can't do any worse than Daddy Cool!!!! Sometimes I pick up Mister M from the daycare, and I think to myself: "what in the world are you wearing?". Yup! Daddy Cool, usually dresses Mister M in the mornings... Oh! and he refuses to dress Miss E! Seriously, I think it's important to try and teach our children to have good and educated tastes, wether in clothing, music or the arts, but let's not take ourselves toooo seriously!!!! It's only fashion after all... My final answer: any age is good with a little guidance ;) For the full answer go check my blog!
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