pint sized fab

While we're all born naked, stepping out the house looking fab doesn't have to be brain surgery! Especially for parents. So "pint sized fab" gives parents ideas on how to dress little monsters in style (and not breaking the bank).

Cy is a winner of Top 25 Mompreneurs - 2012

What advice would you give a mom who wants to be a mompreneur?

Being a mompreneur has to be like having triplets! There are are multiple balls in the air all at the same time. Never a dull moment. But it's so much fun! I tell all moms to be patient, be dedicated and have fun. Whatever it is you love to do, find a way to make money doing it. Team up with other moms and follow your dreams. You never know who around you has a good idea to help propel your idea to greatness!

What tips do you have for connecting with other mom bloggers?

Don't be selfish! Sounds funny, but it's true. Go to other blogs. Read them, like them, support them. It's truly a "circle".

How do you balance being a mom and and an entrepreneur?

I set aside time each day for blogging. Just like I schedule time to help my son with homework or my daughter with potty training, I try to find balance in my work life. It's not always easy, but setting a schedule really helps. And always be on the lookout for new ways to help you do your job. Old (but still sext) dog, new tricks. I really try to be consistent because once you get a following, no matter what business you are in, your audience depends on you being consistent!