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Planet Awesome Kid is the premier kids street style site dedicated to celebrating the individualism and spirit of children around the world. Planet Awesome Kid was launched in 2009 by Casting Director Julia Samersova to global acclaim.

Julia is a winner of Top 25 Kids' Style

What inspired you to start blogging?

How do you keep up with the latest kids' fashions and being a mom?

What are three things parents should think about when styling their kids?

At what age do you let your child decide what to wear?

Julia Samersova Adler

I think its important to encourage independence in our children, so my answer is, as soon as they show an interest in picking out their own clothes, you should let them. Start slowly, give them choices. Ultimately, we hold the purchasing power, so just make sure the closet & drawers are filled with clothing/shoes that fit your taste, and then let your child's intrinsic love for eclectic style take the lead! fashion is art!
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