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What political issue are you most passionate about?

As much as our nation’s explosive debt concerns me—more for the sake of my children than my own—I am most passionate about the pro-life movement. The contraceptive culture in which we currently exist demeans life and women at every opportunity. Pope Paul VI warned of the consequences of contraception over 40 years ago: “a general lowering of moral standards throughout society; a rise in infidelity; a lessening of respect for women by men; and the coercive use of reproductive technologies by governments.” Insightful, no? Sex is no longer reserved as something sacred. It’s supposedly empowering for women to sleep with as many men who willfully use them as possible. It’s practical to go ahead and give teenage daughters artificial hormones that do cause physical harm and even interfere with the biological functions of mate selection. It’s ok to cheat on your spouse because it’s only sex, right? Oh, it’s just the times we live in that over half of babies are born out of wedlock, which happens to be the largest predictor of childhood poverty. But we don’t stop at contraception or even abortion anymore, as the recent brouhaha over a journal article written by two bioethicists proved. Princeton professor and bioethicist Peter Singer suggested a generation ago that “fourth trimester abortion” should be legal to give parents a chance to cull the weak and defective born among us. The new generation of bioethicists believes neither fetus nor newborn has the “moral status” of a human, therefore, if it’s ok to abort one, it should be ok to kill the other as well. How’s that for logic? In a twisted sense, it’s true, but what a wicked thing to expose: if this is the logic liberals have used to justify abortion for years, how can they argue it’s not truly infanticide? They can’t. It is infanticide, and if we allow our children to be taught that it’s natural or somehow acceptable to separate truth, biology and consequence from sex, it will continue.

How do you to teach your children the importance of civic duty?

As a military wife, I don't have to look far for examples of civic duty for my kids; we’re surrounded by it. We explained my husband's recent extended absence to our preschooler daughter as part of daddy’s job. It is. As is the extensive volunteer work I do on behalf of families within our unit. I wish Richard Scarry’s “What Do People Do All Day” included a soldier as it would make some explanations easier, but our daughter understands the difference in jobs and that her daddy’s includes jumping out of airplanes and taking long trips away from us on occasion. She knows that he does it to protect us and all our friends and family. And like me, she takes pride in knowing that her daddy—and the daddies of all her friends—have such an important and necessary job to do.

What's a political issue you've changed your views on?

Abortion. As a teenager, I was surrounded by liberal thought. I used to argue that though I would never have one, it should be legal for others to choose because I didn’t truly understand the implications of “my body, my choice.” Unfortunately, young girls are duped into thinking there is a choice involved. And I suppose there is, though not the one feminists want you to think: it’s not whether or not to have an abortion, it’s whether or not to have sex and accept the consequences. Biology is a bitch. No, it’s really not fair that men can have sex “without consequence.” But we’re the ones at fault for making it so: contraceptive culture spawned hook-up culture and supposedly consequence-free sex for all. It's not consequence-free when another life is involved.

The evolution of thought came in my early 20s. I argued with a friend who believed abortion should be “safe and legal” all the way through to the end of the pregnancy. I didn’t understand how someone could advocate killing a viable child who could survive delivery. Then another friend delivered a preemie. And I finally understood looking at a baby who could have been legally aborted rather than emergency delivered that there wasn’t a magic line where it was ok. It wasn’t. Aborting a 20 week pregnancy was just as evil as the suggestion of killing a baby at 39 weeks.