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Portrait of an Adoption is a blog about adoption as well as general parenting of young children. Carrie's oldest daughter Katie was adopted in an open adoption, and Carrie explores her family's ongoing relationship with Katie's birth family. Hot...

What are the top 3 pieces of advice you would give to a new mom (or mom-to-be)?

Carrie Goldman

1. In your mind, start redefining yourself as a mom, in addition to whatever else you are (teacher, doctor, housekeeper, engineer, etc). Even if you continue to work in your career, it will ease your transition to motherhood if you acknowledge that being a mom is a job too. If you plan to be a full time mom, own that job with pride and respect, because it is absolutely a full-time job. And be open to redefining your career as you journey through motherhood, because different jobs may suit you at different points in your life, even jobs you never imagined doing! During the time I have been a mom, I have been a banker, then an artist, and now a writer. 2. In this era of digital photos, it is easy to keep 10,000 photos on your computer and never actually make physical albums. At least once every few months, upload your favorite photos of your baby to a photo printing service and order the prints. Make some old-fashioned albums, because your kids will LOVE looking through them, just like we all loved looking through albums when we were kids. 3. Don't compare your baby too much to other babies. There will always be a baby that rolls over sooner, gains weight faster, cuts teeth earlier and says words younger. Your baby will be on his or her own path. Every baby has strengths and every baby has weaknesses. As a mother, you get to celebrate your baby's unique abilities and advocate for your baby's areas that need improvement. It's easier to do that if you don't keep a running scorecard with other babies. Your baby is awesome!
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