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How I Combine Being a Mom and Taking Care of My Health

Three Health & Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

How do you stay healthy during the holiday season?

Amy Rhoads

Throughout the year I count calories, food journal every now and then, eyeball portion sizes and really do my best to keep to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Holidays are full of family traditions and food, lots of food. In my experience when I try to keep things like normal I tend to have a lot of guilt and negative self-talk when I eat things I normally wouldn’t or if I don’t workout when I normally would. In working with people to help them get fit and then training them to do the same for others I have some mall tips that add up to big time calorie savers, a healthy holiday and a more enjoyable time with your loved ones focusing on what matters most—family! Invite the whole family to meal plan for the week making a point to go for healthy options, crock pot meals and things you can make together. You can take turns cooking each night or make it a family affair and spend that time together. I love using the crock pot or healthy holiday soups for the season and use that time making holiday crafts and decorations. I always bring two bags of my Shakeology to share it with my family so we can all get our full days servings of fruits and veggies in and it makes meal planning a little easier, fills you up with healthy foods so you’re not as hungry, it’s more convenient and it tastes like a milkshake so you cut back on sweets. When you eat more healthy the week of the holiday you will have more energy, you’ll be proud of yourself and you will relax and let yourself go a bit, if you choose, with little guilt knowing you are jumping right back on track. Take a half portion. When something is too tempting to pass up, half what you would normally take. This usually satisfies your craving but if it doesn’t come back to it another time, we all know there are leftovers. And don’t skip meals, continue to eat every three hours you don’t binge eat when you do site down to a meal. Be flexible and find ways to still exercise when out of your normal routine. I love squeezing every bit of family time I can get during the holidays so let go of your normal routine IF you are afraid you can’t keep up the pace. If there is a day you miss your workout, gather the family to play an active game, Wii Dance etc. If anything your abs will get a good workout from all of the laughs and good times. However, I help people get results with in-home fitness programs , like Turbo Fire, and many of those programs have short, intense workouts to get the job done fast so you can move on to family time. Invite someone to try it with you. Most people often want to have a healthy holiday but just don’t know how. If you come with these three simple tips I guarantee they will follow your lead and be grateful that you showed them how to do make small, healthy changes fun. Here’s to Healthy Holidays! You can do this!!
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