Rachel's Rantings in Rio


Momma, Wife, Woman, ex-Pat, American, Brazilian at heart, cranky, Sassy, Ridiculous... I'm just a big old mixing pot living life in Rio de Janeiro.

Rachel is a winner of Top 25 Expat Mom Blogs

How We Became an Expat Family

I met a boy. Isn't that how it always starts. I met a Brazilian man while traveling in Spain. He swept me off my feet and kept on going until we were in Brazil. Once I got the rhythm of things in Rio de Janeiro, I totally fell in love with it.

What I Enjoy Most and Least About Where I Live

I adore the active lifestyle down here and how child-friendly this country is. I can take my kids anywhere and am not given a second look. And we are constantly playing outside, off visiting friends and family, or discovering new things. I never have to worry about my kids being too sedentary. It's actually the opposite, I have to make sure they get down time!

What I enjoy least is that I'm so far from my family and friends back home. Tickets to fly there are expensive, especially for a family of four! That and the cost of living in Rio de Janeiro. It is very expensive to live here!