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Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm a married mama of two. I share snippets of our lovely life & learning inspired by Montessori, Reggio & play-based homeschooling. You will find me blogging about playful learning activities & gentle parenting ideas.

Rachel is a winner of Top 25 Australian Moms - 2013

What's the best part of raising a family in Australia?

The DIVERSITY! Australia is diverse in weather, cultures, and experiences. I love the laid back culture, the humour and the lifestyle. I feel very fortunate to raise my children in a safe country with extraordinary opportunities.

In what ways is Australia unique from other places you've lived or traveled?

With our limited travel (I grew up in New Zealand and we honeymooned in Fiji), several things stand out as different: in Australia, you have to drive faaaar to get to other cities, you have to be careful in your yard for common dangerous insects and animals, and

What do your kids love most about living in Australia?

The beaches. We live between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast which are stunning places to explore and spend time as a family. Australia has such gorgeous weather and the golden coast lines are as pretty as in the photos depict.