Rags to Stitches


Alissa Circle is the author of well known Orange County creative lifestyle blog, Rags to Stitches, and founder of blogging agency, Pollinate Media Group. With over 400 contracted bloggers in the agency they work with powerhouse brands

Alissa is a winner of Top 25 Mompreneurs - 2012

What advice would you give a mom who wants to be a mompreneur?

I would say never give up! When I began my journey, I never guessed this is where it would lead me. I really believe that when you have the creative vision, surround yourself with supportive people along the way and are willing to work hard, anything is possible. I'm not going to lie, there have been a lot of late nights along the way, but Pollinate Media Group has been worth every lost hour of sleep.

What tips do you have for connecting with other mom bloggers?

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Social Media has cultivated some of the closest friendships I have right now. I began by following other bloggers, whose blogs I loved reading, jumping into conversations and finding genuine ways to connect with other moms. I know it can be hard to go outside your comfort zone and something the idea of meeting people online can be scary, so start slow and move at your own pace. You might be surprised by how many other wonderful moms you'll find and connect with.
Another great way to connect with mom bloggers is by visiting their blogs and commenting. Don't just leave a comment, ask a question? You never know they might answer you and a friendship could develop as a result.

How do you balance being a mom and and an entrepreneur?

Ahhh yes the good old conversation about balance. This is something I'm learning, but I try really hard to have my work days, where I have a babysitter watch the kids during the day so I can focus and get as much work done as possible, then on the other days I try to commit to working during the kids nap time in the afternoons and after they go to bed at night. It's not a fool proof method, but it's helped me be present when I'm with them and really try to create fun memories with them, whether it's a trip to Disneyland or playing puzzles and reading books for hours.