A Christian wife and mother of ten children writes about living with and homeschooling a large family on a small minifarm. We have seven children by birth, and three by adoption.

What's the best thing about having teens?

Are the teen years harder or easier for you than the baby and toddler years were?

Do you think it is better to be a teen today than when you were a teen?

What's a great finger food that your kids love? Please include a link.

Carla Raley

I have seven biological children, and three that we adopted from the foster care system. The youngest one (along with his biological sister that we also adopted) was exposed to heroin and all kinds of things that go along with that lifestyle, and has some emotional problems that linger from it. In trying to help him until we could get an appointment at the Child Study Center, laying my hands on him and praying for God to help us, I found the Feingold diet. This diet did amazing things for my little guy. Our finger foods now are my homemade bread, homemade cookies, and good fruits from a good store. Amazingly, our grocery bill didn't rise with this diet because processed food is so expensive, that I still got my money's worth buying the more quality things!! Six months later, when we finally got to the Child Study Center, we didn't really need them anymore! http://raleyfamilysfarm.blogspot.com/2010/04/feingold-diet.html
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