Ramblings of a Frugal Mother of Four


I am a mother of four who has to cut corners and much as she can. I want to share my secrets with everyone out there so they can benefit too!

Did you always want a big family? If not, when did you change your mind?

Yes! I am from a Jewish family. It has always been thought the more kids the better! I think four is enough for right now!

What's a common misconception about big families?

I think people think people with big families are irresponsible. I don't think that is true! There is a lot of love to give. I had fertility issues and it was heartbreaking. Now that i know what was wrong, I am happy with all four and would not trade them for the world!

How many children do you have? What's the age difference between the oldest and youngest?

I have four. Jack is 4, Bella is 3, Jayden is 2 and Nicky is 1.

What's one of the worst messes your child has made? Please share a link to a photo if you have one.


My little girl snuck my teddy bear into her room overnight. When i got her up, it looked like a teddy bear murder scene!
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