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We are Amanda and Mike, and this is a blog about our baby Henry, nickname "Hank the Tank," born on January 17th, 2011!

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What's a great present under $30 for a baby (under 18 months)?

Amanda Morrison

I love my Vtech Sit-to-Stand learning farm! It plays music, sings, lights up, teaches colors, words, shapes, and numbers, and doubles as a walker for my 10 month old baby boy, Henry. Originally he could play with it while sitting up (you can detach the interactive "face" and lay it on the floor or on a table, and the "face" even has a handle so it's easy to carry). Now that he has learned to stand, cruise, and walk with it, he loves pushing it around the house while it plays music. I believe it played a big part in him learning to pull himself up to a stand, and he should be walking on his own very soon thanks to the walker portion of it! There's also a little door that he can open and close that says "Peekaboo! I see you!" that he triggers about 50x a day. He LOVES peekaboo. This toy occupies at least 50% of his play time when he is at home, and it isn't so annoying that I've been secretly wishing for it to break (some of his other toys were not so lucky). I highly recommend it for any babies who are just learning to sit up, because it will last you at least until they are walking!
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