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Clint Greagen

There is a subliminal message that Dads are not quite welcome in parenting land thanks to TV programs that always have the Mums in control, the exclusion of men and Dads from advertisements selling nappies and formula etc, the absence of Dads on baby products down the aisles of Supermarkets. We're made to feel that out role is assigned to a bit player who has no real insight into sleeping techniques, baby products, behavior management, pregnancy issues etc. We then get an invite to a 'Mum's Group' or event where we feel like a bit of a gate-crasher (because it would be called parents group or Mums and Dads group otherwise, wouldn't it?) and sit awkwardly as most topics are discussed around us instead of with us. Dads change nappies now, we get up to our children at night, we make their meals, work in the school canteen. We are involved in everything and have insight, ideas and real questions and concerns about raising children. We want to get involved in all aspects of our children's lives but feel we are hitting out heads against a constant societal whispering that says, 'Men don't quite belong here.' Dad's will feel more comfortable at Mummy events when our opinion is valued and respected - not just at these events - but more generally in what we see is happening in the world around us. Mums and Dad need to start broadly - speak out against stereotypes in advertising, request a more realistic representation of Dads in the media, change the names of events to include both parents.
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