Rugrat Rodeos

Ramblings of a former finance journo (& will be fiction author) turned cullinarily challenged kid wrangler, jigsaw jockey& lunch-boxer. I write, I blog, I sew and I round-up Barbie-dolls discarded by She-Who-Loves-Pink.

What topics do you cover on your blog?

Embracing imperfect parenting, craft, domestic re-purposing, sewing and decorating for kids, traveling with kids, behavior and reward charts, cheats' lunchbox and fast-food recipes, time and cost saving household (and sometimes beauty) tips. I continue to make mistakes and you get to laugh at them, and sometimes benefit from my wisdom or rather lack thereof.

What are three unqiue features of your blog?

1. It's honesty, I don't mind people know that I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time, but I keep looking for ways to improve my performance.
2. My lack of sponsorship: not good for me financially, but it guarantees my integrity-when I recommend products, you know I wasn't paid to.
3. Being a former journalist, I research a lot and try always to provide links to other articles and sources so my readers can delve a little deeper into the topics being discussed.

What do you like most about raising a child in Australia?

I love the climate obviously, but being able to take my girl and our dog to the beach for an hour between school pick up and dinner, totally rocks. We are lucky to live under 5kms from The Sydney Opera House, we're so central and we love traveling the harbor on our local Ferry Service. It's also very safe here; my front door is open right now (just put a coat of paint on it) actually.

What items have you repurposed after your child outgrew their use? Please share a link to a picture if you have one.

Suzy Mac

I actually worked the other way around and re-purposed my husband's frayed business shirts to make PJs for my little girl. Not only did I rescue a lot of quality, baby-soft, Egyptian cotton, my little girl is thrilled to be sleeping in Daddy's shirts. I'm also saving the left over fabric to cut into squares to make her a patchwork quilt.
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