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I am Jess.Hi!
Stay at home mum of four awesome kids.
Husband Nick since 2005 and he still has me laughing and loving him even if he laughs at my taste in clothing.
Lover of my children,said...

What's a great destination for a family vacation in Australia?

We love Airlie Beach!We are very out doorsey and love the beach and the welcoming small beach side town feel.There is heaps for families to do and it is the gateway too so many of our wonderful Islands!!!!

What's the biggest misconception people have about raising a family in Australia?

That if you have a large family you must be struggling.I get the look from others when I decide we can't get something while grocery shopping that my kids may ask for.They never stop to think the reason I said No is because it is bad for my kids and I don't want them eating it.

What outdoor activity do you enjoy doing most with your kids?

Playing soccer on the beach.They love running for the ball and learning to hear butt.We can play it any where,at home,the beach or a park.Everyone can play and we can bring a ball for each child and spend an hour on drills for fun.It's like I have my own little team :-)

What's your best tip for teaching a gradeschooler about money?

Jessi Glauser

Including your child in errands that involve the handling of money makes for an amazing tool,and teaches valuable financial skills. Involve your children in the family budget,explain where the family income goes,then teach them how the budget effects their family,and that how you grocery shop etc affects everything else. Giving them a small amount of money every week to bank will help,they will learn to add it all up at the end of the month,and when they can spend it you can have them buy 2 or 3 different items and add up what they have left etc. I beginning homeschooling my children next year,my eldest will be in grade 2,and is right now learning about coins and money in general at school.My daughter is more aware of the value of money and that it is how we provide for our family,but she has yet to learn it's origin.I will research the history of when money first became a form of trade and value and teach that to my children. Buying fake money is great as a resource,letting kids play with it,buying items from one another or you and giving change. It all comes back to them having a simple knowledge of numbers in itself,and using them in financial context.
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What are signs that a child isn't being challenged enough in school?

Jessi Glauser

My two eldest daughters began prep and grade 1(We are in Australia) this year,and I knew the signs by around term 2.We had issues with my prep aged daughter being unable to read due to requiring surgery on her eyes,yet help was not provided until the end of term 3.Then my eldest is above her grade in learning,yet they won't provide her with the chance to go up a grade or even give her extra homework.I felt like my kids were being let down by the mainstream system,and no amount of prompting via hubby or myself was getting anything changed,so next year in Jan we begin homeschooling.We will have grade 2,1 and kinder aged children and a 2 year old,but we are positive we can do it,and provide an education more to their level.
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