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Aimee is a winner of Top 25 Home Management Moms - 2013

What's your best tip for keeping your home organized during the busy holiday season?

Write it down. It sounds so simple, but having creative ideas, must dos, and delicious meals-to-try all floating around in your mind is very distracting. Start by creating a master list of everything! Write down all you need to do, buy, and cook this holiday season. Don't try to organize the list yet. Even if the list is longer than the lights that will be strung around your home, just write it all down! We can only manage what we identify so give yourself time to think through all you'd like to accomplish this season and then we can start sorting and making the list more manageable.

What's your favorite store bought or homemade cleaning product?

I have a lot of favorite cleaning products. I'm a little opinionated when it comes to cleaning my house, but my all-time favorite would have to be vinegar because of it's amazing versatility! Vinegar can be used to shine your silver, freshen a musty closet, remove carpet stains, and the list goes on and on!

What's the most important home management skill a mom can teach her child?

A home belongs to everyone so everyone contributes towards caring for it. As a mom, we are doing our kids a huge favor when we involve them in household responsibilities. We are equipping them with skills they will need for life and showing them the importance of cooperation!

Do you use your slow cooker/crock pot even in summer? If you have a great warm-weather crock pot recipe, please share a link to it with other moms!

Aimee Lane

Definitely! It's an easy way to check off dinner in the beginning of the day!
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