It's Twinsanity

Life with a military husband, seven children, and all the crazy you can imagine. In a house with two pairs and three spares, there is never a dull moment!

Heather is a winner of Top 25 Moms With Big Families - 2013

What has having a big family taught you about motherhood?

Having a big family has taught me patience, humility, and the ability to not sweat the small stuff. I spent so much time in "survival mode" when six of my children were under the age of six, that it taught me to focus only on what was most important and forget the rest.

What tips do you have for meal planning?

I like to make extra meals in large batches to freeze. Then I have a fast, healthy meal to reheat on the nights when I'm too busy to cook a full meal from scratch. I'm not great at meal planning, but I have learned to love to cook and to cook in bulk.

How do you get your children involved with chores? Please share what age these tips are appropriate for.

My children are 10, 9, 7, 7, 5, 5, and 8 months. My oldest two children wash their own laundry and the other four bring me their dirty laundry and put it away after I have washed and folded it. My four oldest all help put dishes away several times a day. All of my children clean their own rooms and help with other household tasks like taking out garbage, feeding the dog, etc.