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What is a cheap, easy, DIY Halloween costume for kids? Please briefly describe how to make it and feel free to include a link to a picture.

Sara Hicks Malone

I'm in the process of making my kids halloween costumes. They requested to be 'raccoons' this year- which isn't exactly a costume that can easily be purchased. For our home-crafted raccoon costumes, we bought two ($5) long-sleeve grey t-shirts from old navy and a pair of knee-high grey socks from Target for their tails. They are wearing grey-striped pajama pants they already own. I'm using freezer paper transfers to paint the raccoon's belly on the t-shirts, and some masking tape on the socks to make their tails. I bought two plastic bins from the paint section at lowe's to make them 'raccoon trash cans' for their treats, and will use black face-paint to make their raccoon eyes. This is a work in progress which I will share on my website shortly!
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