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I'm a stay at home mom to our beautiful 2 year old boy, Phoenix and our gorgeous 5 month old girl, Lily. Im happily married to the man of my dreams, Jay and we have a toy poodle Moo :) We make daily vlogs and I also have a beauty

Sam is a winner of Top 25 Mom Vlogs - 2013

Where do you find vlogging inspiration?

I find my vlogging inspiration from my beautiful babies. Everyday I wake up happy to see their gorgeous little faces smiling and excited to see what cute things they will do that day. Every moment is so special with them and I love being able to capture those every day things and then sharing them with our viewers. The smallest things that may seem so simple can often be the cutest to watch back. Whether they are trying their first solids or jumping on bouncy castles, everything to me is worth capturing because they grow up so fast and I am so glad I can look back at these videos one day and smile. Then they can watch them when they are older. I would have loved to have been able to watch my Mom as a young mother with us when we were little. I often wonder how she was with us when we were that young, what we did etc.. I'm happy I can keep that for my babies to look at and show their kids when they are older.

What tips would you give a mom who wants to start video blogging?

Pick up a camera. It's really that simple. Take it with you everywhere. You never know when something ridiculously cute or funny may happen that you will be so glad you had the camera and captured! Always remember to charge the batteries, or even better by an extra one and keep it charged. Have lots of memory cards incase you fill one up. Don't worry if you think what you are filming might be boring to someone else. I look at it this way.... this video is for me to watch and I just happen to be sharing it with other people. Film what YOU want to capture and remember for those years to come. Don't do it for anyone else but for you and your family :) Use a good quality camera. That is huge!!! We have a lot of viewers watching us on their big screen tv's so make sure you get a camera that records in 1080p so that it's nice and clear when watching. They really have some great cameras for good prices nowadays (that makes me sound old)... We love the Canon Elph 100hs, we use it everyday and its a nice size, great quality and easy to use. We also love to let our little man "vlog" himself. We just let him hold it sometimes and just do his thing, he talks into it or films something else... sometimes it's upside down or blurry or shaky but those are my favorite parts of the video when I watch them back. Seeing life through a toddlers eyes is such a beautiful and special thing and I love that he can capture those moments himself. He's becoming quite the little vlogger!! Have fun!

How do you balance vlogging and motherhood?

My babies ALWAYS come first. Luckily vlogging my babies is pretty easy. I just pick up my camera and go about our normal day and I just film them ;) I would say the balance comes in with editing the videos. That can be tricky. Naps and baby bed time = editing for Mommy & Daddy :) You become a night owl when you have kids... it's amazing how little sleep you can function on when you are a parent haha!! I remember getting 10-12 hours of sleep a night before I had kids... now I'm excited to get 6 haha! I think that's really the only balancing that has to be done... trying to find the time to get the editing, blogging, emials, etc... done. I think life as a Mom would be much more efficient if we didn't have to sleep. Imagine everything we could get done while the babies are sleeping! I remember taking off a few months from videos and blogging after I had my daughter. When they napped, I napped and while it was wonderful to catch up on the much needed zzz's, I felt like I got absolutely nothing done. I think the main tip I can give to being a Mommy vlogger is time management. Perfect that skill and you will be good to go! No wasting of time here! :)