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Little Sketchers

It all started when my little son (aged about 2 then) started doodling such amazing masterpieces, that I just had to preserve each one of them. Over time, I ran out of space and ideas to stock them :) And Little Sketchers came into being!!

Cheena is a winner of Top 25 Creative Moms - 2012

What kind of art inspires you the most?

I love swirls and curls, and everything organic. Personally, I like to paint floral portraits, painting them larger than life gives me immense pleasure and happiness…more oxygen!

I like stylized illustration too. Lately, I have been fascinated with tangles and name art. Simply love to create shapes and patterns inside alphabets. It's very therapeutic!

What's one of your favorite art projects you've done with your child? (Feel free to include a link to a picture.)

One of my favorite art projects is storytelling through art. It's such a creative outpour and a fun family time!

What do you do with all the art projects your child creates? (If you have a photo of the way you display art, please share a link.)

I love whatever art he creates!! He is an amazing artist! Mostly I put his creations on my website, otherwise I have lots of sketchbooks and folders that hold all his 'precious' art. Some art also adorns my walls!

Links to his studio: