Serendipity is Sweet

I am a 39 year old mom of 4 crazy kiddos and one floppy-eared great dane. I am married to an amazing husband who is fantastically supportive of my photography addiction. I enjoy blogging, great coffee, exploring with my camera.

Melissa is a winner of Top 25 Photographer Moms - 2013

Do you have any good tips for teaching children about photography?

Children can be great photographers! The first thing I teach is how to hold the camera properly when taking a shot to avoid camera shake, and remind them to stop and stand like a tripod when they shoot. They can get excited in the moment and then end up disappointed with blurry images. Teaching them about the rule of thirds and how to create interesting compositions will provide a lot of inspiration. I'd also show them how to use color and find complimentary colors on the color wheel to create dynamic photos. There little creative minds will take it from there!

Where is your favorite place to take photographs?

I love to photograph at the beach. I find all that wide open space very liberating and I love shooting with a wide angle lens to capture gorgeous skies and sweeping views of the ocean.

What's a creative tip for taking good photographs of children?

Guide them to an area with good light and a background that won't be distracting. Then, play games with them like simon says or follow the leader. Ring around the rosy is fun for little ones and word association games can be great with tweens and teens.