I'm a new stay-at-home-mom and am on a mission to make domesticity my bitch. Expect the following: ramblings about nonsense, attempts at new recipes, things of the crafty variety, loads of sarcasm, pictures of cute babies, to-do lists and...

Shannon is a winner of Top 25 Baby Journals

Three Distinctive Features of My Blog

1. My voice — I’ve struggled over the years on what and how much to share, but I’ve always stayed true to the tone…it’s how I am in real life. How I sound on the blog is how I sound to my best friend. And I like to think it sounds entertaining.
2. It’s not 24/7 baby — I cover all my interests: home dec, cooking, baking, crafts, complaining…
3. I want to be friends with all my readers — I’d rather have a few quality comments from people I’ve connected with than scores of random comments from random people. I love being able to email someone about their comment, because there’s nothing worse than leaving comments on a blog and feeling like you’re talking to the wall.