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She Went There

Writer, producer, wife, & deliriously smitten grandma is on an adventure at She Went There. I wrote "Light Riders: The Power of the Orbis" for families and kids (ages 10 and up). She Went There is a lifestyle blog for all ages.

Casandra is a winner of Top 25 Book Author Moms - 2012

What tips would you give a mom who wants to write a book?

Shift from thought to action. Stop thinking about it and start writing. Don't let time or circumstances dictate when to begin because - if you're a busy girl - the perfect moment will never magically appear. Find a window and go for it. Don't worry about perfection or having your thoughts organized yet either. You're just starting and (believe me) you will edit and rewrite your work all the time -- and then give it to others to edit as well. Reach out to writers in this space and other online professional groups for best practices to help you on your publishing journey and learn from their process. And finally, my personal practice that precedes all others, is to pray. I want the blessings and need the wisdom from my greatest source of inspiration, my Lord, every day.

How do you balance writing and motherhood?

Balancing writing with work, being a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a friend, health, and someone who looks for ways to give back is challenging and I applaud all the Moms and ladies out there who have found their own rhythm while keeping their families healthy and thriving. I prioritize my walk with God and family. If I don't, nothing good will come out of my writing. It actually works in favor of my writing - beyond my expectations - to prioritize that way. My faith is my writing partner and I go with the flow as opposed to getting upset when I'm not in precise control of my schedule. I want to bring an attentive and loving quality to all my relationships so I make it a habit to choose the "adapt and overcome," approach (as my Marine buddy would say), over getting frazzled over smaller things. I think its really important to laugh and smile at life. I love a Bible verse that says "...let the peace of Christ control the way you think and feel."

Where do you find writing inspiration?

I just love to write. There are things in life, however, that add good fuel to the fire: The Lord, my grand babies, my kids, my family, music, friends, their kids, my childhood (huge one), my professional background, beautiful and painful experiences, my personal battles, listening to what others are going through in their lives, asking tons of questions, some recreational reading, I love to do research, going to new places, my quiet times, and asking God to link my imagination to his Spirit. I pay attention to whatever God puts in my path.