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What advice would you give a mom who wants to be a mompreneur?

What tips do you have for connecting with other mom bloggers?

How do you balance being a mom and and an entrepreneur?

What's one of the worst messes your child has made? Please share a link to a photo if you have one.

Chaley-Ann Scott

I will never forget when my son was two (now ten) went very quiet for a while so I went to investigate. I found him on the kitchen floor, completely naked, and covered from head to toe in butter which he had smeared all over himself and the floor. He has then proceeded to get hold of some glitter and shower himself in it. The look of pride in his face was a picture! We put him in the bath (BIG mistake) as the bath remained greasy for weeks as we just couldn't get rid of it. We called it the butter bath!
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