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Mom of 4 beautiful children. Married to my biggest cheerleader and fan! I am so blessed with the best friends and family. Life is not always what I expected but totally worth it. My true happiness comes from my family.
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Jenny is a winner of Top 25 Mom Vlogs - 2013

Where do you find vlogging inspiration?

That is a loaded question. I have so many ideas from living in a super creative family. I am constantly inspired by my Mom and sisters. I have been super blessed with a creative family that started with my Grandma. I hope she is smiling down on me.
From there I go to what is trending, what time of year it is, and what fans ask for. I love to go to Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration as well.

What tips would you give a mom who wants to start video blogging?

Make sure you are doing something you are very passionate about. I find that it's always fun to do things until it becomes a job. Its really scary at first but it you have the desire you will get better.
I was so so lucky to have a mentor in Mindy from CuteGirlsHairstyles. Mindy and Shaun taught us so much. I'll share what I learned.
1. Get a high-definition camera.
2. Film a few videos to get started.
3. Look at successful channels to see what is working.
4. Lighting is super important.
5. A Mac computer will make your life so much easier for videos. iMovie!

Last, use social media to help advertise you and your channel. Blogging, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc...
I absolutely love what I'm doing. Good Luck!

How do you balance vlogging and motherhood?

With four kids, my life is quite busy. The funny thing is, I was already doing all of these things. I just turned the camera on and decided to share. Of course there are days when I don't feel like turning on the camera but I find that it helps keep me creative and fresh. I have to be organized and plan ahead or I would go nuts.

I am also lucky to have an amazingly supportive husband. He is my biggest cheerleader. He truly believes I can do anything and that makes me feel so good about what I do. We work together doing this. It's something we enjoy doing together.

Motherhood is something I always wanted. I love my children and wouldn't trade them for any other job in the world. It is the most rewarding job there is. It's where true happiness and joy comes from. I'm not gonna lie, its hard and it sucks sometimes but the good far out weighs the bad.