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The Silent I

Family travel adventures, foreign and domestic, by a globe-trottng family of three from the SF Bay Area. Tips, travelogues, and photography from Tokyo to Tripoli, Greenland to the Galapagos, and various points around the world and in the US.

In what ways is Northern California unique from other places you've lived or traveled?

What outdoor activity do you enjoy doing most with your kids?

What's a great Northern California destination for a family vacation?

Please share a link to a photo of a great birthday cake you made or bought.

Glennia Campbell

For my 50th birthday, my friend at a local cake shop designed a cake that told the story of my life in the form of the Game of Life board. Each tiny square on the road had a milestone of my life, like graduating from college, getting married, becoming a blogger, and becoming a mom. The top had a spinner that actually rotated and said "Happy 50th" on it. It was an amazing cake! I don't have a blog post, but posted pictures to Flickr on it.
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