A Simple Life


A Mama of 5 children authors this Waldorf inspired blog and invites those who visit into a creative land full of handmade and simple celebration ideas. This blog is full of heart felt ideas to bring a deeper connection to living mindfully with...

Marcy is a winner of Top 25 Creative Moms - 2013

Where do you discover new kid-friendly crafts?

There is such a wealth of inspiration all around me. I am fortunate enough to live among really creative beings: my husband and my children. They are the constant spark in my creative fire and their need and desire to create, learn, and try new things has my eyes and ears singularly focused on feeding that energy.

The wellspring of creativity that inspires me comes from my favorite seasonal celebration and crafting books, Waldorf inspired and myriad other crafting blogs, and my own intuition. We pay very close attention to the seasonal rhythms and festivals upon us and so much of our crafting is supported by those rhythms. Of course, a large snow storm will inspire a random act of craftiness that requires a quick wit and whimsy. So it is with any crafting inspiration, I suppose.

What's one creative product you would recommend to all moms?

One of my absolute favorite creative tools is wool; either felted or in roving form. You can make just about anything out of it and you can use it wet, dry or form it using a special needle for needle felting. You can cut the wool felt into so many different playthings, requiring from little to no assembly to quite intricate. A simple tuft of wool roving could entertain a child for quite some time as they imagine it being food to cook with, a fairy, a blanket for a doll. You can create homespun holiday ornaments and decorations and gifts that will last a lifetime. Wool comes in every color of the rainbow. You can order it from various recources online or utilize a local farm that has sheep and wash, card, and color it on your own! The possibilites are endless!!

How do you encourage your child to explore their creativity?

If you were to walk into our home you'd see that every nook and cranny is filled with many different ways for our children to explore their creativity: piles of books to inspire, baskets full of crayons, felts, silks, blocks, pillows for fort building, paper for crafting galore. watercolors, play dough, chalkboards and a rainbow of chalks!

We as parents try to provide many different avenues to stimulate our childrens' creativity so that they remain tuned into their natural desire to create. As parents, we feel it is of utmost importance to create and craft together, sitting with them and painting or coloring, including our children by having them assist with setting up and and clean up, and simply allowing our children to direct the experience, trusting that they have a deep sense of what it is they want and desire to learn.