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Kathryn is a winner of Top 25 Military Moms - 2013

What's a tip for celebrating a holiday or milestone with your kids when your partner isn't able to be there?

Even though a spouse may not be able to be there for a special holiday, I think that using Skype or some other video chat feature to have him/her be "there" is one of the best ideas! We planned our Christmas around when Daddy could Skype with us so that he could still be a part of it too and watch my son open his presents.

What have you learned about parenting from living in different places?

My family has only been stationed at one duty station so far so I don't think I can really answer this question.

What are your best tips for traveling with kids?

My best tip? Be prepared! Have a bag of toys and books ready for them to play with in the car and don't be afraid to bring out that dvd player! My son knows that the dvd player only comes out on long trips and enjoys having that on those special occasion.

If you prefer your livingroom to look like it's for grown-ups, how do you keep your kids' toys under wraps? Please share a link to a photo and tell us where in the living room the toys are hiding!

Kathryn Sneed

When my husband was deployed I decided that the toys were taking over and we needed a change. I converted out laundry room/office into a playroom so now the toys are out of sight. My son still drags toys out in the living room, but at the end of the day i am happy knowing they can be put away in the other room!
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What's a cute or creative way to decorate the walls of a child's room? Please include a link to an image.

Kathryn Sneed

We live on a military base and since we move a lot decided it would be best not to paint the walls. We decided to decorate my son's room with wall decals and picked out some "transportation" themed decals to go around his room. Now that he is two he loves it and everyone who sees it loves it too!
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