Six Degrees of Love

We are the typical American family. With a typical love story. Two strangers meet on a plane. One intense-rollercoaster-year later, she moves across country with her two to join the five bachelor boys. 3+5=8. Now blogging about divorce, love,...

What inspired you to start blogging?

My desire to rant about how hard it is to blend our family was my initial inspiration. I needed an outlet. I felt totally alone in being a stepmom, and in my immediate circle of friends nobody had ever done ANYTHING like what we were attempting to do. Now, I have found that there is a whole community of women just like me, and through my writing I've learned that in actuality, NOBODY has ever done anything like what anyone else is doing. We are all pioneers, breaking new ground. And, in the midst of it all, I have this amazing little blog that chronicles our growth, and reminds me to stay sane.

How do you keep up with the latest fashions and being a mom?

I work full-time in a major metropolitan city, therefore I do have to keep an eye on fashion in order not to fall through the cracks. I check out online "magazines" and fashion blogs (like,,, ect) and fashionable mom blogs (like,,, ect) for inspiration.

What are three fashion tips for busy moms?

I spend most of my money on accessories, a good pair of jeans, and fabulous (cheap) shoes from online sites like and Comfort, ease, those of course are important. But you don't have to be a slob. Adorable comfortable boots, clothes that fit, and some big earrings make a thrown together ponytail and no makeup look great. Check out this post for more tips!:

What is one practical and fashionable item every mom must have? Please include a link to a photo if you have one.

Jesika Jennings

My gut response answer is a stemless wine glass. Stemless, because it is so much harder to tip as small kids are running around you. Okay, but fashionable...I see. My favorite item is a good, solid, sexy pair of brown boots. They can be worn 70% of the year, great for walking (or running after snotty-nosed kids), can be dressed up or down, goes great with skirts, jeans, anything. I love my boots.
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What tips can you offer for closet organization?

Jesika Jennings

We are a large family living in a small city townhouse. Six children, two adults in a 1920's home with only 4 teeny tiny closets and one not quite as teeny is a tough fit. I am a STICKLER for closet organization. I want to be able to see and easily access everything in my closet. We just recently re-organized our bedroom closet. The biggest closet in the house, it in narrow and long, stretching the length of the bedroom. We started by taking off the horrible folding doors, opening up the closet so that we could access the clothes that weren't really fitting behind the doors anyway. Then we organized all the clothing by types, and purchased a few small cabinets to store loose items in. We also used cloth boxes on the single top shelf to sort socks, folded clothing, and out of season clothing. We used large plastic bins to store our linens and towels (the house lacks a linen closet, so the master bedroom has to function as both) and lined all the shoes up in pairs and on a shoe rack. Finally, most IMPORTANTLY, I label, label, labeled EVERYTHING. All the boxes have neat labels so that you know exactly what goes where. I am amazed to say that my fiance, as great as he is has a tenancy to be a bit of a mess. So far, this system has really worked WELL.
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What's your advice on setting a food budget?

Jesika Jennings

Set a monthly budget, and to stick to it take out CASH for spending. We put cash for Groceries, Entertainment, and Allowances (for the grownups!) in envelopes each week so we know exactly how much we are spending and what we have left. Coming out of two costly divorces taught us that we have to really, really work hard to get back to a place where our family is on solid ground again. Saving, scrimping, budgeting, and working hard to get there, together, as a family!
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