The Sky Is Laughing

Reflections on life as a single mother to a five year old habesha.

Susan is a winner of Top 25 Adoption Blogs by Parents

Why did you decide to adopt?

In all honesty, I can't remember a time when I didn't want to adopt. Growing up, one of my parent's closest friends had adopted, so it was just something I had always known about and expected to do. Adopting as a single person wasn't necessarily always in my life plan, but adopting was.

What was the biggest challenge or hurdle you faced in the adoption process?

I have been blessed with family, friends, coworkers and bosses that have been enormously supportive and helpful. Everyone has been just wonderful with regards to the adoption. The only real challenge that I experienced in the process was dealing with the logistics piece. I got snagged up in several different governmental delays that meant that the time from referral to travel was very long. (I spent three months, for example, waiting for a TB test to come back negative!) Even with these delays and frustrations, it was nowhere near as challenging as I expected it to be!

When and how did you (or will you) tell your child they were adopted?

Selam has always known she was adopted. She was nearly three when we became a family, so she definitely knew what was happening. Even if she hadn't been told by the Ethiopian staff, I would have been talking about it since day one. It's her life story, so she has a right to know it and own it.