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What's the single best decision about money you've made?

Does your child receive an allowance? If so, how much? (Please share how old your child is.)

What's an easy way moms can trim their family food budget?

What's a great budgeting tip for the new year?


Distinguish between Wants and Needs: You will save a ton of money if you don't mistake wants for needs. Needs are pretty simple to identify: Shelter, food, clothing, transportation. Wants are those things that enhance or possibly improve our family life. A car is a need. Unless necessary for your business, a $40,000 Sport Vehicle is a want, even if a lot of people don't see it that way. This is not to suggest that you shouldn't be able to have the things you want--only that to delude yourself into believing that a want is a need--and busting your budget in the process--is a recipe for financial disaster.
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