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Smart Eating for Kids

We are 8 moms -- 4 dietitians, a chef, a life coach, an OT and more -- helping families to develop healthy habits by sharing yummy nutrition, family fitness ideas and strategies to manage picky palates and other obstacles.

Laura is a winner of Top 25 Foodie Moms - 2013

What's one of the first recipes you taught your kids to make?

Pizza! It's the perfect way to get kids involved in a cooking project from start to finish. No matter their age, they can help mix, knead and roll out the whole wheat dough, spread on the sauce and add their own toppings.

Here's a little tip: dice one or two new veggies -- mushrooms, olives, spinach, whatever your heart desires -- and put them in small bowls, along with more familiar toppings. Then sit back and watch what your child does with them. Kids are most likely to try new foods when they are making the meal themselves and when the new food is served in small amounts, with no pressure.

No promises, but try not to let your jaw drop to the floor when your little one decides to top his/her pizza with something new! And don’t forget to sing their praises for their hard work and willingness to try something new.

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What's a delicious no cook recipe?

At Smart Eating for Kids, we’re all about making mealtime easy and fun. Naturally, one of our favorite no cook recipes is….a taco bar!

The options for a taco bar are really endless, but some of our favorite no cook ingredients are whole grain tortillas (either corn or whole wheat), a store-bought rotisserie chicken (shredded), canned beans (drained and rinsed), shredded cheese, avocado and lots of veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, radishes…really whatever you can quickly dice and serve in small bowls).

Not only is the meal super-delish, but it’s nutritionally balanced, featuring lots of variety from every food group. Plus, your kids will have a blast assembling their own meal, which means they are more likely to eat it.

You can make the meal extra special by turning the meal into an impromptu fiesta, no extra work required. Simply turn on some fun music, play a game, do a hat dance! Whatever fits the mood.


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What's a great breakfast for a special occasion?

We love to help kids feel empowered to make their own healthy choices. One way to do that is to offer them lots of healthy variety, in a way that feels special and exciting. Breakfast is no exception, especially one that is celebrating a special occasion!

We have a great recipe on our site for Bite-Sized Baked Donuts that are made with whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt. It’s pretty much a guaranteed crowd pleaser. (Here’s the recipe: (

Since everyone loves small bites, don’t stop at the donuts. Add some satisfying, high-quality protein by also serving mini frittatas. The best part is, you can do all the prep work the night before, then just pop them in the oven to bake (or reheat) them in the morning. (Recipe:

Another option is to get kids involved by letting them make their own yogurt parfaits. To do so, simply set-out small clear cups, a bowl of Greek yogurt and toppings like fresh berries, granola and honey – then let the kids get creative. Up the fun factor by letting them decorate the cups with stickers of their choice.

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