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Cassandra is a winner of Top 25 Couponing Moms - 2013

What advice would you give to a mom who wants to start couponing?

Start slowly and work on finding a process that works for you. When I first started couponing I tried the binder method and cut every single coupon each week for 6 papers and found that I would get very behind and overwelmed. Its important to find a system that you have time to maintain and can keep up.

After a few months I started the filing method, I file the complete inserts by day and pull and clip what is needed based on sales and home needs. This system is working and I am loving it.

Don't get discouraged, try something different and I am sure you will find something that will work for you and help you save money.

How much do you save yearly using coupons?

I have never really kept track of my savings I know that monthly I have been able to save an additional $200 - $300. This is good since we are in the land of no double coupons!

What is the best resource you've found for finding coupons?

I love my inserts in the newspaper. I have also found that requesting coupons and samples online tend to score me higher savings. In addition is also a great place to get printable coupons.

If you ever need a lot of any one coupon is great way to trade for additional coupons.