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Welcome to the blogspot of freelance journalist, publicist, entrepreneur and the author who is currently known as Nikki Nicole. This blog contains news and events surrounding her novel, A Little Bit of Sin, works in progress and other

What tips would you give a mom who wants to write a book?

Go for it! Even if you have to write a paragraph a day or a week don't let the opportunity to tell your story pass you by.

How do you balance writing and motherhood?

I balance writing and motherhood by setting aside a time to write and trying to get the ideas down on whatever I can get my hands on when my muse strikes. Sometimes it can be tricky!

Where do you find writing inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything and everywhere. You never know what might strike a creative spark in you. Being in such a busy world with music, fashion, reality tv and children we are bombarded with all types of things all day long these things can inspire a story within you at any given time...use them.