Mama to 7 ages 1-15 blogging about these fleeting years - trying to capture snippets of what i'm sure must be the best years of my life.

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Have you learned any great money-saving tips from having a big family?

What question you should never ask a mom of big family?

What's a good way to motivate and support children who are struggling to learn a certain school subject?


First, i think it's so important to understand that learning looks so different in each child. There's no reason to panic if a child appears to be 'behind' or frustrated by a certain school subject. Secondly, the number one motivational tool that a mom has at her disposal is *herself*. Children want one on one time with their parents - taking the time to give that child individual attention will do wonders for their education - & for your relationship too. Plod through - question by question - with your child - take interest, time and have the patience to take each tiny victory. It'll come...
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