i'm mama to eight little people ages 16 & down, lover of truth and wife to a traveling man. i like posting little snippets of thoughts as i have them. These days seem so precious & fleeting

What has having a big family taught you about motherhood?

What tips do you have for meal planning?

How do you get your children involved with chores? Please share what age these tips are appropriate for.

What's a good way to motivate and support children who are struggling to learn a certain school subject?

paige beselt

First, i think it's so important to understand that learning looks so different in each child. There's no reason to panic if a child appears to be 'behind' or frustrated by a certain school subject. Secondly, the number one motivational tool that a mom has at her disposal is *herself*. Children want one on one time with their parents - taking the time to give that child individual attention will do wonders for their education - & for your relationship too. Plod through - question by question - with your child - take interest, time and have the patience to take each tiny victory. It'll come...
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